Travel and Camping Mate/Baby/Kid's/Teen's/Adult's Memory Foam Pillow

  • ❃PERFECT CUSHIONS FOR UNDERWAY: Whether traveling, by car, plane, train, hotel for a "Power Nap" in the office or on the couch. For a restful and quiet sleep is always taken care of. With our viscoelastic Volar, you will never have to do without the comfort of your home.
  • ❃LIGHT AND SPACE: The TRAVEL MATE weighs less than half a liter of water and comes in a practical travel bag. Thanks to handy travel bag, it can be carried everywhere. See pictures.
  • ❃ERGONOMIC AND ORTHOPEDIC: Together with sleep experts, we have developed the Smart foam pillow, which provides a perfect sleeping experience and ideal night-time recovery. Our pillow provides an optimal support for the neck and cervical spine (HWS), which prevents back and neck pain as well as tension.
  • ❃MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Microcapsules with a special thermic coating, as well as ventilation ducts integrated into the pillow, ensure optimal ventilation, ideal temperature management and keep you in a healthy microclimate during your sleep. This means less sweating and freezing in your sleep.


Customer Reviews

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Replacing friendship...

A friend and I went to Las Vegas for a week. My neck and back was killing me so she let me borrow her pillow from you guys. Oh my gosh is it the most wonderful pillow I ever tried. When we got home she noticed we left the pillow in Las vegas. I am purchasing two now one for me and one for her.

pet momma
Travel and Camping Mate/Baby/Kid's/Teen's/Adult's Memory Foam Pillow

Top notch, comfortable,great,I like small FIRM pillows this is perfect and not hot. It is my reg. Pillow. Very happy (verified purchase)

Susan Boklage
Travel and Camping Mate/Baby/Kid's/Teen's/Adult's Memory Foam Pillow

This is a game changer for me. I use a foam pillow for neck support and always struggle with hotel pillows. Now I dont have to! Thrilled I found this product. I also bought the pillow cases to fit. (verified purchase)

Amazon Customer
Travel and Camping Mate/Baby/Kid's/Teen's/Adult's Memory Foam Pillow

I'll admit I was skeptical when I took the pillow out of the extensive packaging. But within minutes of unpacking it, I found that the pillow plumped up to right height and cushion needed to support my head and neck. Husband and I are going on a 15 day trip - SO HAPPY that I found the pillow to pack along with me so I can sleep well for the next 15 nights! (verified purchase)

Jeffrey D. Hrovat
Travel and Camping Mate/Baby/Kid's/Teen's/Adult's Memory Foam Pillow

I bought this pillow for travel and I love it! It is just the right size and has excellent support for head and neck. I purchased it for a backpacking trip through Spain and it was perfect. Slept like a baby each night. It compresses down into a 5L compression sack. Well worth the little bit of space it took up. I highly recommend this pillow, especially for traveling. (verified purchase)