VISCO TECHNOLOGY The most prominent feature of visco, which is developed for decreasing the burden and pressure on the astranauts` body during the take offs and landings of the space shuttles, but later introduced to the industrial environment, for the improvement of the sleep quality is getting the shape due to heat and weight. The Visco Elastic "Memory Foam" , used in our Visko Love branded products, is a smart material which shows minimum effect, has open cells, is sensitive to heat and weight due to microscobic memory cells inside.

HYGIENE TECHNOLOGY The antibacterial covers with Sanitized finishing are produced for your health with this special protection material developed by Sanitized AG and provide effective protection against dust, bacteria and microbes and prevent their existence. The effectiveness and safety are proven by analyses. The antibacterial products are preferred because of their special protection advantages compared to the unguarded products. In addition, the zippers with Sanitized finishing are used to improve the antibacterial feature of our covers and provide more effective protection.

ANTI STRESS TECHNOLOGY Antistatic, antibacterial and antimicrobial silver thread eliminates the tension and stress by withdrawing the static electricity accumulated during the whole day. It has the antibacterial feature naturally, and thanks to this feature prevents the existence of bacteria and fungi on the product.

AQUA GEL TECHNOLOGY The gel area applied on the mattress and pillow is developed for the people with excessive perspiration problem and helps the user to fall asleep with its cooling effect.

NANO TECHNOLOGY The microcapsules containing ylang ylang essence which is the in essential oil of aromatherapy break because of rubbing when the body touches the mattress and give off comforting, pleasant smell. Durability has been proven by the producer with its tests.

3D VISCO&AIR TECHNOLOGY The 3D layer in the Cairfull ticking, which has the 2009 Interzum Award, is composed of vertical flexible threads which combine the upper and lower surfaces of the ticking. Thus, air channels are created in this 3-dimensional environment. A shared research done by Europe Sleep Research Institute (ESRI) and Brussels Leuven University has proven that 3D Cairfull ticking can provide comfort increasement by 14%.

HERBAL OIL TECHNOLOGY As a result of R&D studies, the indian oil which is being used as a medicine for years, and still widely used in pharmacy and cosmetics sector, and visco elastic material are combined.

THERMIC TECHNOLOGY The microscobic capsules in the patented "Thermic" ticking absorb and stock the excessive heat when the room or body temperature increases, whereas they release the heat when the temperature drops again and provide heat regulation.

TENCEL TECHNOLOGY The Tencel ticking consists of yarns made of eucalyptus trees which grow in the forests with FSC certificate. Thanks to these yarns the moist control happens very quickly by spreading the moist over the surface. Since it stays dry, fungi and dust mites cannot find the necessary environment to exist. Besides, it is proven that Tencel has neutral electrostatic features.

CARBON TECHNOLOGY The carbon made of bamboo trees enables moist control and eliminates allergens and bacteria. Besides, it creates an antistatic environment by releasing negative ions.